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Dr. Simón Pardiñas López DDS, MS, FICOI


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Dr. Simón Pardiñas López

University of Coruna, Spain
CEO of the world's largest YouTube dental channel

Introduction to Simón

Dr. Simón Pardiñas is an esteemed professional renowned for his expertise in Periodontics and Oral Surgery. With an extensive educational background and notable achievements, Dr. Pardiñas has solidified his position as a leader in the field of dentistry.

Dr. Pardiñas completed an Advanced Program in Periodontics and Oral Surgery at the prestigious New York University (NYU), where he honed his skills and gained invaluable knowledge in the latest advancements within the discipline. Prior to that, he acquired an expert level of proficiency in Periodontics from the esteemed University Complutense of Madrid (UCM).

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Further adding to his impressive credentials, Dr. Pardiñas holds a Diplôme Universitaire d’Implantologie Orale et Maxilo-faciale from Toulouse III University, further solidifying his expertise in the field of dental implants and maxillofacial procedures.

As a passionate advocate for research and innovation, Dr. Pardiñas actively participates in the Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine Group at the Biomedical Research Institute of A Coruña (INIBIC), affiliated with the prestigious Universidade da Coruña (UDC). His contributions in this domain reflect his commitment to advancing the understanding and application of regenerative techniques in dental practice.

Dr. Pardiñas is not only dedicated to excellence in academia and research but also holds several prominent positions within the dental community. He proudly serves as the Chair of the YCC Academy of Osseointegration, where he contributes to shaping the future of implant dentistry through his leadership and expertise.

Furthermore, Dr. Pardiñas is the CEO of DentalPlay, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at revolutionizing dental education and training. His visionary approach has garnered widespread recognition, transforming DentalPlay into a leading platform within the dental industry.

Additionally, Dr. Pardiñas is the creative force behind Dentalk.tv, the world's largest YouTube dental channel with a staggering 1 million subscribers. His ability to connect with the global dental community through engaging content has garnered widespread acclaim, solidifying him as a prominent figure in the digital dental landscape.

As a content advisor for Gaceta Dental, the largest dental media outlet in Spanish, Dr. Pardiñas contributes his insights and expertise to inform and educate dental professionals worldwide. His contributions to this influential platform further exemplify his dedication to advancing dental knowledge and practice.

Dr. Pardiñas has also collaborated with major social media platforms, earning him partnerships with YouTube and Instagram, allowing him to reach a wider audience and positively impact the dental community through digital media.

In addition to his illustrious career and academic achievements, Dr. Pardiñas serves as the Medical Director of Pardiñas Dental Clinic in Spain, where he provides exceptional patient care and continues to lead his team with unwavering commitment and passion.

Dr. Simón Pardiñas López's exceptional academic background, groundbreaking contributions to dental education, extensive leadership roles, and commitment to advancing dental research have cemented his status as a distinguished and respected figure in the field of dentistry. His unwavering dedication to patient care and passion for driving innovation continue to shape and elevate the dental profession on a global scale.

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